About the BASW Program

photo: King Library across Tower Lawn

Social Work Practice

BASW graduates have gained the knowledge, skills, and a value base that has been augmented by professional social work supervision in social services. Unlike many of their counterparts in other disciplines, BASW graduates are required to undertake as part of their education extensive agency field internships to prepare them for practice upon graduation. A liberal arts foundation provides students the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in critical thinking about social programs and understanding the social structures of American Society. Graduates develop the skills in social work practice to work with children, youth, families, adults and the elderly.

BASW graduates are employed in many different work settings under public and private agencies and programs that may include: family service agencies, children and youth services, juvenile justice agencies, elementary and/or secondary schools, ethnic oriented service agencies, residential treatment programs, substance abuse programs, domestic violence programs, homeless shelters, mental health services, aging services, nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, home care agencies, mental retardation/developmental disabilities services, vocational rehabilitation services, public health agencies, community action agencies, child and adult day care centers, income maintenance programs, and legal services agencies.