General Education

General Education

The curriculum for the BASW major is based on a liberal arts foundation obtained through approved courses in the university general education program. This liberal arts foundation provides students the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in critical thinking about social problems and understanding the social structures of American society.

All students must complete a minimum of 51 units of approved GE courses in letter grades. If a requirement is waived without unit credit, additional approved GE courses must be taken to complete the total required. Most students in the social work major are transfer students from California Community Colleges and have completed comparable Core General Education courses which may be acceptable to San José State University. Please contact Academic Services for information about Core General Education course requirements.
The SJSU Studies (formerly known as Advanced General Education) coursework must be taken in residence at San José State University, and students must pass the Writing Skills Test (WST) before they are permitted to enroll in the SJSU Studies courses.

Below are courses recommended, however, elementary statistics (Stat 95 or equivalent) is required for social work majors.

General Education - 51 

Core General Education (39 units) Suggested courses for the degree:

Area A: COMM 20 or MAS 74; ENGL 1A; HIST 50 or PHIL 57 - 9 
Area B: BIOL 21 & STAT 95 are required); 3 other science units - 9 
Area C: AMS 1A/B; or 6 other humanities & arts units; ENGL 1B - 9 
Area D: SOCI 1, PSYCH 1, ECON 1A, SOC 80 - 9 units
Area E: HUP 69, GERO 99 - 3 units

SJSU Studies [formerly known as Advanced General Education] (12 units). Courses below are suggested:

Area R: CHEM 103, NUFS 139, NUFS 139, OR NUFS 163 - 3 units
Area S: COMM 174, MAS 130, MAS 160, WOMS 101 - 3 units
Area V: ANTH 146; MAS 175; MUSC 117, MUSC 120 - 3 units
Area Z: SCWK 100W, SOCS 100W; CHAD 100W, PSYC 100W, JS 100W, SOCI 100W, HPrf 100W  -  3 units 

Physical Education - 2 units


Requirements in the Social Work Major - 38
Required: SCWK 110, 111, 112, 120, 121, 130, 131, 140, 141, 142, 170, 175

Supporting requirements: (If not taken as GE courses must be added to course of study).

Elementary Statistics is also required and is a prerequisite or co-requisite for SCWK 170, the Social Work Research course.

Electives  - 29

Electives may be chosen in other disciplines to complement a student's major interest in social work: psychology, sociology, health science, gerontology, etc. These are considered “free electives.”
NOTE: You may already have enough units to qualify as electives. We do not require you to take any specific courses in this area. You just need to have at least 60 units from SJSU in your total of 120 units.

Total Units Required for the Degree - 120