Program Mission

photo: Market Cafe

Guided by the Mission of the School of Social Work, the BASW program at San José State University educates generalist social work practitioners, using a liberal arts foundation. The School of Social Work uses a transcultural perspective as a framework from which to address social work practice with individuals, families, and groups; and within organizations and in the context of the broader communities. The goals of the BASW program have been developed to produce a beginning level generalist social work practitioner. The following are the goals of the BASW program:

  1. To prepare social workers for ethical social work and use of a transcultural perspective with diverse, disenfranchised, oppressed and marginalized populations.
  2. To prepare social workers for effective generalist practice from a transcultural perspective with individuals across the lifespan, and with families, groups, organizations and communities.
  3. To prepare social workers for leadership in advocating for positive change and innovation in social work policies, programs and practices to advance social justice and the well being of individuals, families and communities.
  4. To prepare social workers to engage in critical inquiry in service of the above goals.

You may find more information on the mission, goals and objectives of the BASW program in the current BASW Handbook.