MSW 3-year Program

photo: students on lawn in front of Dwight Bentel Hall

A 3-Year option is available for entering students. This decision to pursue the MSW degree in full or 3-Year enrollment should be made at the time of admission, but requires input from faculty to advise prospective students of the educational factors entailed in their choice. Year one consists of six units each semester in the evening for a total of twelve units during the first year of the program. Year two consists of seven units for each semester with a total of fourteen units. Of these units, eight are devoted to the first year of field work at 16 clock hours each week. Year three consists of fourteen units the first semester and eleven the second semester for a total of twenty five units. Second year field work consists of ten units at 24 clock hours each week (for 2 semesters) or 16 clock hours each week (for 3 semesters).

Students should prepare, in advance, for the third year of the program. The demands of both coursework and fieldwork are substantial including a community project and a practice evaluation research project. Outside employment is difficult to maintain due to the requirements in the third year of the 3-Year Program. Student availability for week-day placement hours is required. Careful, realistic personal planning is indicated to meet these requirements.

San José State University has its own definition of a “part-time” student determined by the number of units taken. Please consult the SJSU catalog and the Bursar's Office for additional information about how levels of unit enrollment determine “full-time” versus “part-time” status.

The Program of Study for 3-year students includes:

Year 1

Fall Units

ScWk 202 Social Policy and Services: History and Values - 3
ScWk 212 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I - 3

Spring Units

ScWk 204 Social Policy Analysis - 3
ScWk 214 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II - 3

Total Units - 12

Year 2

Fall Units

ScWk 220 Transcultural Generalist Practice I - 3
ScWk 230 Social Work Practicum I - 4
ScWk 240 Research Methods and Design - 3

Spring Units

ScWk 221 Transcultural Generalist Practice II - 3
ScWk 231 Social Work Practicum II - 4
ScWk 242 Research Methods: Data Analysis and Evaluation - 3

Total Units - 20

Year 3

Year 3 of the 3-year Program is the same as the second year curriculum of the Full-time Program. Students must select a population-at-risk in the graduate social work curriculum (the aging and the aged, children, youth and their families, children and youth in the school settings, or people with physical and mental disabilities