MSW Field Instruction

photo: Student Union

The field practicum spans four semesters with each semester being fifteen weeks. There are two consecutive semesters of field placements for each academic year. The first two semesters require two days of internship (these days are Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday, 16 hours per week) while the last two semesters requires 3 days/24 hours per week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). An exception to this 3 days/24 hour per week requirement for second year field placement is available to students wishing to spread their second year placement over 3 semesters, and requires 2 days/16 hours per week for each semester. This exception must be formally requested. A minimum total of 1,200 internship hours is required.

The first year practicum is planned for students to develop generalist practice skills in work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities within a transcultural perspective. The second year practicum provides further refinement of practice skills with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Students are placed in agencies serving various populations-at-risk. Full and part-time students may petition the MSW Field Education Committee to consider their work site as a possible first year field placement.

Students in field practicum carry professional liability insurance, which is covered by a fall semester fee. Agencies may require the use of a car, proof of auto insurance, finger printing, and background check as requirements for placement.