MSW Full-Time Program

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First-Year Curriculum (Foundation)

Fall Semester
ScWk 202, ScWk 212, ScWk 220, ScWk 230, and ScWk 240

ScWk 202 Social Policy & Services: History and Values 3
ScWk 212 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I 3
ScWk 220 Transcultural Generalist Practice I 3
ScWk 230 Social Work Practicum I 4
ScWk 240 Research Methods and Design 3

Total Units 16

Spring Semester
ScWk 204, ScWk 214, ScWk 221, ScWk 231, and ScWk 242

ScWk 204 Social Policy Analysis 3
ScWk 214 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II 3
ScWk 221 Transcultural Generalist Practice II 3
ScWk 231 Social Work Practicum II 4
ScWk 242 Research Methods, Data Analysis and Evaluation 3

Total Units: 16

Second-Year Curriculum (Transcultural Multi-Systems Practice)

The second year of the MSW program sequentially builds upon foundation content attained in the first year. The second year curriculum prepares students for transcultural multi-systems practice. Transcultural multi-systems theories, skills, and perspectives are applied in field practicum settings. In addition, content is included on the populations-at-risk which are particularly connected to the mission of the program and the practice needs of the regionÑthe aging and the aged, children, youth and their families, children and youth in school settings, and people with physical and mental disabilities, particularly those who are Latino, African American, Asian American and Native American.

Fall Semester
ScWk 222, ScWk 223, ScWk 232, and ScWk 298

ScWk 222 Transcultural Multi-Systems Practice I:
Family Systems Focus 3
ScWk 223 Transcultural Multi-Systems Practice II:
Community Systems Focus 3
ScWk 232 Social Work Practicum III 5
ScWk 298 Special Study 1

In addition you must select a policy practice course
that focuses on one population-at-risk: 3

ScWk 250 Policy Practice in Aging
ScWk 260 Policy Practice in Child and Family Welfare
ScWk 270 Policy Practice in Schools
ScWk 280 Policy Practice in Health/Mental Health

Total Units 15

Once the population-at-risk is selected in the Fall semester, students must continue with the required courses in the selected population-at-risk.

Spring Semester (continue with population-at-risk selected in the Fall)

Aging and the Aged
ScWk 251, ScWk 298, ScWk 233, and one elective 13

Children, Youth and Families
ScWk 261 or ScWk 262, ScWk 233, ScWk 298 and one elective 13
[Students in the Title IV-E Program: ScWk 263 and
ScWk 261, or ScWk 262, ScWk 298 and Sc Wk 233]

Children and Youth in Schools (those applying for
The Pupil Personnel Services Credential) ScWk 271 and
ScWk 263, ScWk 298, ScWk 233 13

People with Physical and Mental Disabilities
ScWk 281, ScWk 298, ScWk 233 and one elective 13

(Note: substitution of electives permitted with approval of Graduate Adviser)

Total Units 60