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Social Work BASW Minor

The minor in Social Work consists of 18 units and is designed to enrich a student's major area of study by providing an understanding of the values and structures of current human service programs within a historical and developmental framework.

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Total Requirements in the Minor - 18 Unites

Required courses:
4 courses 
ScWK 10, ScWK 110, ScWk 120, ScWK 130 
12 Units

2 courses from
ScWk 121, ScWk 131, ScWk 170, ScWk 140 
6 Units

Note for Social Work Minor:
ScWK 110 is a prerequisite or corequisite for ScWK 140.
ScWK 120 is a prerequisite for ScWK 121.
ScWK 130 is a recommended but not required prerequisite for ScWK 131.