MSW 2-Year Program

The 2-Year (full-time) program provides the opportunity for students to earn a Master of Social Work degree in a timely fashion and to prepare for a professional career as an MSW. Classes and field education are included in both years.

In the first year of the full-time program, students develop a solid foundation in generalist social work practice to empower individuals, families, and communities in order to promote the well-being of communities of color, populations-at-risk, and groups that are disadvantaged, oppressed, or marginalized. The second year is the advanced year which focuses on the Concentration of Transcultural Multi-Systems Practice. This year builds upon the foundation year and students become more competent in integrating theories, models, and professional values with transcultural multi-systems practice at micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Students will identify a field of practice to study more in-depth (aging; children, youth, and families; health/mental health; or school social work).

Please see the Typical Course Plans (2-Year and 3-Year) and the MSW Program Bulletin for more details.