Mental Health Initiative Program

Mental Health Initiative Program Information for MSW Students

This Stipend is only available to final year placement students. The orientation and application process is during fall of the year preceding your final year internship placement. 

The MHIP at the School of Social Work is funded by the Mental Health Services Act (implementation of Prop 63 approved November '04 by California voters). It works much the same as the Title IVE Program but is only for one year and only 10 students are admitted each spring. Typically, we receive anywhere from 15-25 applications for the 10 positions.

Program Specifics:

  • MHIP includes a $18,500 stipend for 10 MSW students during their final year of placement and involves specific requirements while in the MSW program related to required coursework and attendance at seminars outside of your other courses and field requirements.
  • You must be signed up in the Health/Mental Health area of concentration. You easily change your concentration early in Fall Semester to Health/Mental Health with the permission of the Field Education Office.
  • You must be in good academic standing and maintain good academic standing: 3.0 GPA.
  • The MHIP application window will be in early November with interviews taking place in late January. The selected 10 awardees for the MHIP will be expected to obtain qualifying final year internship placements during the February/March placement search season with consultation and guidance from the MHIP Coordinator.
  • Once awarded in early February, a placement must be obtained in a county mental health department or in an agency contracting with a county mental health department in a program within the agency specifically funded by county mental health. Obtaining a qualifying placement is done during the competitive interview process where  SJSU School of Social Work MSW students as well as students from other Bay Area MSW programs and mental health training programs may be interviewing.
  • Placements in inpatient psychiatric units or in jail settings, juvenile hall settings are not qualifying placements.
  • Following graduation, MHIP participants are required to work full time in a county mental health or county mental health contract agency for one calendar year (2,080 hours) somewhere in the state of California even if this means relocating somewhere within the state. These jobs are obtaining during competitive employment interviews. Historically, only a few students have needed to relocate within the state to complete this requirement, but students need to agree to this relocation commitment up front.

All MHIP information regarding the application process will be distributed via the MSW List Serv. Applications are not given out until this announcement goes out in late October.

Program orientation meetings are scheduled in September. It is important to take time to attend one of these.

~ Charley Hodson, LCSW, MHIP Coordinator

MHIP Coordinator: