Registration Information

Creating an account:

All participants must have an IM Leagues account. You will also need this account in order to use the Rec* IT Fitness App. To register for an IM Leagues account, follow these instructions:

1) Go to

2) Click sign-up. Enter your information, and use your school e-mail if applicable ( and submit.

3) You will be sent an activation e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail to log in and activate your IMLeagues account.

4) If you don't have an SJSU e-mail, or wish to use a different e-mail, create the account but don't select San Jose State as your school.

      a. When done registering and activating your account, log in and click "Create/Join School."

      b. Type San Jose State University in the space provided. When it pulls up, click "Join School."

      c. An error message will pop up, it will give you the option to send a request to be added. Click "Send Request."

Register for Classes:

1) Log in to IM Leagues

2) Hit the Group Fitness Tag, then Calendar

3) Find the class you want to register for and click on it

4) Click "Sign-up," and fill out waiver

5) Click "Submit" and you're ready to go!

You can also use the Rec* IT Fitness App:

1) Download the app

2) Log in using the same username and password as IM Leagues

3) Search classes by Day or Activity

4) Select the class you want to register for

5) Click "Join Class"

6) Have fun!

If a class is full, you'll be put on a waitlist and notified via e-mail if a spot opens up. 

We recommend you put your push notification to "ON" so you get updates on any changes to the classes you're registered for.

*Registration for classes opens on Sunday for the entire following week.

*If you can no longer attend a class you registered for, please take yourself off the roster. This can be done the same way you joined.

*Classes are only available to SJSU students and Spartan Recreation Membership holders.