Free Agents

If you do not know enough people to form a team on your own, you can be a "free agent."

Like all other IM participants, free agents need to create an account at IMLeagues.

  1. Enter your information and use your school email ( if applicable.
  2. Follow directions in the activation email to complete your account registration.
  3. Once you register, select the specific sport you want to become a free agent in.
  4. Click "Join As Free Agent."
  5. Add specific information about yourself (what do YOU bring to the team?) and your phone number if you want to be available by phone to potential captains. You will also have the ability to view teams that are looking for players and send emails to captains.



If there are enough free agents and time/facility spaces available, we will try to form a team made exclusively out of free agents.

NOTE:  This does not guarantee that you will be placed on a team. While we try everything possible to either create a Free Agent team or set you up with a team needing players, sometimes it isn't possible. Anyone interested in playing should do their best to either join or form a team on their own.