Open Recreation

Open Recreation at SJSU!

Looking to play badminton, basketball, indoor soccer, or volleyball without the stress of winning and losing?  Are you just interested in getting some exercise and fun in on your own time?  Come out to open recreation! 
SJSU Students can enter and participate for FREE while non-students must purchase a pass to enter. Students must have their tower ID card to enter. Non-Students can purchase an open rec pass for one drop in or multiple drop ins at the Sport Club Front Desk (straight ahead when you walk in to the facility).
Optional: Join our e-mail list for schedule updates regarding open recreation times. Gym times for SPX can change quickly due to the nature of sharing it with many student groups on campus. Join our e-mail list for scheduling updates and late cancellations/adjustments you may not see on the website. Avoid the inconvenience of being unsure if open rec is cancelled by joining this list to get an email with any date changes. You can sign up for this list on site when you check in at the open recreation site or you can email to get added to this list.
Open Rec Pass Pricing for Non Student-Fee Participants is listed below. Non fee-paying participants MUST BUY a pass prior to attending open rec. Passes will NOT be for sale at the door and they must be purchased in the Sport Club at the front desk or the campus recreation office.
Day Pass: $5
Month Pass: $20
Semester Pass: $50
Note: Open Recreation schedule is subject to change on short notice. We operate in available gym spaces on campus. Schedules may change on short notice due to gym sharing and open availability. We apologize for any inconvenience.
OPEN RECREATION SCHEDULE:  This schedule reflects next week's availability in the gym spaces available.  We will post another schedule next week with an update!  Schedules are based on the following: Gym space available and other IM Sports/Events happening.

MAY 7 20 OR  

The Sport Club has one basketball court, a large weight room, and plenty of cardio equipment.  Check out the hours for the Sport Club here.