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Apply for SSI!


Applications will be available early-May. Please check your MySJSU emails!

Spartan Summer Institute 2018

The Spartan Summer Institute (SSI) is a fully-funded 4-week academically intensive summer transition program that introduces a diverse community of frosh to the structure and rigor of the university environment, provide opportunities to foster meaningful academic and social connections, and emboldens them to take ownership of their academic journey. This program will include both a Residential (80 students) & Commuter (20 students) component.

Residential Program - Students who live outside of the city of San Jose (plus additional eligibility requirements) will qualify for the Residential program and will be required to live on campus.

Commuter ProgramStudents who live within the city of San Jose (plus additional eligibility requirements) will qualify for the Commuter program and will not be permitted to live on campus.

Learn about what program you qualify for here

        • According to Executive Order 1110, students will no longer be enrolled in Early Start Math or Early Start English, but will be enrolled in a GE Area E 3-unit course as well as a Supplemental Math course. Upon completion of the summer program, students will be provided an Academic Advisor and Peer Mentor during the 2018-2019 school year to improve retention rates throughout the semesters.

Participants will be contacted via MySJSU if eligible for the program starting the first week of May. If you have been contacted by the program, you will need to complete the application (available early-May) and a phone interview will need to be conducted. 

Learn about the application process here!