Frequently Asked Questions 

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Is the Spartan Summer Institute required?

No, but this is a great opportunity to get an early transition into SJSU. If you are a selected participant, you are offered exclusive resources, programs, and events that many other students are unable to experience. 

What is the difference between the Residential and Commuter program?Spartan Summer Institute: Residential Program - These students are required to live on campus throughout the 4-week program and will be provided on-campus housing and meals. These students must live outside of San Jose to be eligible. 

Spartan Summer Institute: Commuter Program - These students are not provided on-campus housing throughout the 4-week program. These students will be provided on-campus meals Monday-Friday. These students must live within the city of San Jose to be eligible.

What is the criteria to participate in the Spartan Scholars Program?
The criteria is based on a student’s ELM/ EPT scores and their 0-5,000 Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

What are the dates of the program?
July 7, 2018 - August, 3, 2018 

Do I have to stay on campus every night?
If you are a part of the SSI: Residential Program, YES. You are required to live on-campus so that you may experience the full academic and residential components of the program. These students will have the option to check-out for weekends, except for the mandatory weekends. 

If you are a part of the SSI: Commuter Program, NO. You commute daily and you will not be provided on-campus housing. These students have no weekend priorities on campus except for the mandatory weekends, where all students are expected to be in attendance. 

Can I work or maintain outside commitments during the Spartan Summer Institute?

For the SSI: Residential Program, NO. You must commit full time to the program. Most of your time will be spent in supervised activities, between the hours of 8am-9pm. The SSI schedule is full, and will not allow you enough time to work or have large outside commitments.

For the SSI: Commuter Program, YES. Be sure that your outside commitments are not a conflict with the program's class or manadatory weekend schedule. You must attend all classes and complete all course work. 

How much does the Spartan Summer Institute cost?

All students (residential and commuters) are provided with a scholarship that covers the full cost of participation in the 4-week academically intensive experience. The cost per participant in the SSI: Residential Program is $7,170 and the cost per participant in the SSI: Commuter Program is $4,290. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity!