Program Details


Eligibility Requirements

  • Spartan Scholars Residential program: Students who are remedial in both Math and English and are required to complete Early Start. 
  • Spartan Scholars Commuter Program: Students who are single remedial (either math or English) and live within driving distance of SJSU.  
  • Expected Family Contribution (0-800)

What are the benefits?

  • Complete your Early Start requirements and work toward completing remediation requirements 
  • Strengthen your writing & math skills 
  • Experience college-level courses 
  • Earn college credit towards your degree
  • Build your SJSU network of friends, faculty, staff, community & resources. 
  • Plan out your 4 year graduation plan

What does the program cost?

All accepted participants will receive a full program scholarship, which covers: room, meals, program tuition, class textbooks, course materials/supplies, and weekend activities.


  • Spartan Scholars Residential Program: participants are required to live on campus for 5 weeks to experience the full impact of the program. Meals and on-campus housing is covered through the program.
  • Spartan Scholars Commuter Program: participants commute to SJSU daily for the summer courses. 


All Spartan Scholar participants will participate in the same orientation session. 

Early Start

Your participation in the Spartan Scholars Program (residential) will fulfill your Early Start requirement.  Be sure to contact the Early Start office (at whatever location you registered for the curriculum) to remove yourself from the Early Start courses.  If you registered to take the Early Start courses at SJSU, we will send you special instructions on how to proceed. 

Learn more about the program on our FAQ page!