About Special Education

Our Mission

The Department of Special Education prepares professionals to be effective educators, leaders in the field, and lifelong learners. We accomplish this goal in collaboration with other departments and community partners. Together we promote equity and excellence in our curricula and instruction by infusing evidence based best practices endorsed nationally.



The Department of Special Education prepares credential and M. A. candidates to become responsive instructional leaders, effective and reflective educators, and lifelong learners.

We expect our students to demonstrate professional knowledge and skills as:

I. Responsive Instructional Leaders by modeling and documenting:

          • Commitment to ethical conduct
          • Evidence of effective collaboration in schools
          • Advocacy
          • Role (s) as change agents

II. Effective and Reflective Educators by documenting:

          • Implementation of research based practices
          • Professional reflections
          • Effectiveness in communicating with different groups (students, parents, colleagues, and others)
          • Knowledge of curriculum, standards and their intersection with human behaviour
          • Resourcefullness in the implementation of their diverse roles in schools
          • Technological competence
          • Acknowledgment and support of diversity and individual differences
          • Professional flexibility
          • Reflection skills as decision-maker

III. Lifelong Learners by documenting:

          • Pursuit of advanced professional development
          • Modeling lifelong learning for their students
          • Skills in evaluation, analysis,and the application of new learning

Credential Program candidates must also demonstrate competence in meeting the six California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP):

        • Understanding and organizing subject matter knowledge for student learning
        • Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students
        • Creating and maintaining an effective environment for student learning
        • Developing as a professional educator


Giving to the Special Education Department

Consider donating to the Special Education Department by clicking on the link- Giving to Special Education. This link will take you to the university's donation page. Please designate under 'alternate purpose' that you would like your donation to go to our department.