Current Students

This page is for all current students that are enrolled in any of the programs of the Department of Special Education.

Here you will find current course offerings, course syllabi, and any forms necessary for completion of the program.

Note for Current Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Students:

Successful completion of the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential program includes the following:

  1. Overall GPA of 3.0
  2. Completion of all requirements on the roadmap with a grade of B or better or Credit (for credit/non-credit courses) for each course* (see Policy)
  3. Passing scores for the RICA exam
  4. Subject Matter requirement met

* Any course completed that is not on the roadmap and might be the equivalent to a required course must be approved by the faculty (see Course Equivalence form)

Level II Credential candidates must submit a Standard 19 Evaluation (and professional development hours documentation in #1)