Courses/Roadmaps for Current Students

Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Road Maps


Level II Course Descriptions 


As of Fall 2014, the department will no longer admit candidates into the Level II Education Program for future semesters.

If you still need to clear your Level II, please contact the office about program options. 

All Level II candidates must finish their Level II program by December 31, 2019.

MA Program Courses

  • Prerequisite: Statistics Course
  • 6 Elective Courses (to be chosen with your adviser)
  • Courses to be taken in sequential order throughout 4 consecutive semesters:
    • *EDSE 285: Seminar on Issues Related to Teaching Exceptional Individuals (Fall only)
    • *EDSE 231: Issues and Research in Special Education* (Spring only)
    • EDSE 231X: Educational Research: Design and Implementation (Fall only)
    • EDSE 220:  Research Seminar on Exceptional Individuals (Spring only)
  • Total: 30 units


Added Authorization Courses