Intern Program Components are currently being revised due to CCTC requirements. Intern paperwork will not be signed off by Dr. Hagie until we receive approval. We apologize for the inconvenience.


The Collaborative Intern Program 

Is a joint project between the Department of Special Education at San Jose State University and local school districts, non-public schools and County Offices of Education. It is designed to give students the opportunity to teach and gain hands-on experience while pursuing a credential at SJSU.

In order to become an intern, you must:

I.    Be admitted to SJSU and the Department of Special Education (please            apply via the same route as listed on the How To Apply page)

II.   Have a job offer

III. Turn in the Intern Documents as requested by the Department of                  Special Education. Please click here to retrieve the documents below:

              • Intern Program Application
              • Intern Agreement Form
              • Consent Form
              • Intern Supervision Form

If your documents are sufficient and you are approved for the intern option, you will need to apply for your INTERN CREDENTIAL immediately with the Credentials Office. Please visit the Credentials Office and navigate to the appropriate checklist in order to obtain your intern credential. Your Intern Agreement Form is the only item on the checklist that is picked up from the Special Education Office.

IV. Attend the Summer Intern Institute; a week-long seminar designed               to prepare students for success in their first semester as an Intern.

Information for the 2014 Summer Intern Institute is outlined below:

 Monday, August 4 - Friday, August 8, 2014

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Room: Sweeney Hall 230 

Please click on the following link to register: Intern Institute Registration



Following approval of your intern credential, please do the following:

I.    Submit a copy of your intern credential to the Department of Special              Education.

II.   You should have or will receive a permission code to enroll in                        EDSE 105. Be sure to register for this class.

III. Turn in additional intern documents by 2 weeks after the first day of              EDSE 105. These documents are:

              • Support Provider Application
              • Job Description/MOU
              • Copy of Intern Credential (issued through CTC)
              • Intern Candidate's Self-Assessment
              • First semester Induction Plans