Autism Certificate


The Certificate in Theory, Knowledge and Practice about Autism Spectrum Disorders

Provides proof of advanced, specialized training based on best practices for individuals who work with children with autism spectrum disorders in early childhood through high school.
Individuals not authorized by CCTC to earn the Added Authorization are welcome to take any or all courses, and may earn this certificate (issued by San Jose State University) upon satisfactory completion of all three courses.

Click here for an application: Certificate Application for Theory, Knowledge and Practice about Austism Spectrum Disorders


Autism Certificate Courses



I. EDSE 218A -- Autism Spectrum Disorders: Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

II. EDSE 218B -- Autism Spectrum Disorders: Student with Mild to Moderate Disabilities

III. EDSE 218C -- Autism Spectrum Disorders: Collaboration and Implementation of Best Practices






*Requirement: Bachelor Degree or Department Consent

*Certificate of Clearance*