MA Program

Interested in the MA Program?

  1. Attend an Orientation.
  2. Meet all minimum requirements.
  3. Take and pass the MA Writing Assessment (registration required).
  4. Submit complete application to department by deadline.

Working Toward MA

  1. Know your adviser.
  2. Complete Candidacy Form with your adviser after completion of EDSE 285.
  3. Maintain all course grades with a 'B' or higher.
  4. Complete Masters Thesis Project.
  5. File for graduation!

   The Department of Special Education offers a Master of Arts Degree in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. This 30-unit program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in Special Education through a core curriculum and elective coursework in areas of specialization: 

  • Mild-Moderate Disabilities
  • Moderate-Severe Disabilities
  • Early Childhood Special Education

The program of study for a Master's degree is designed to offer a combination of core curriculum, elective coursework, and methodology courses in Special Education research. Please click here to view the list of requirements to complete the MA program.

**Please note that the State of California does not allow a person to teach in a public school with just a Master Degree of Arts. Prospective teachers must have completed a credential program in an area of interest to work in the public school setting. 

 MA Writing Assessment: Summer 2015

Date Time Location
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 2:00pm-4:45pm IS134

Please click on this link to register: 
Registration for the Writing Assessment is REQUIRED.