Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  1. Graduates assess and identify the educational needs and strengths of students with disabilities.
  2. Graduates critically evaluate pedagogy, curricula, and instructional materials based on evidence-based practices for students with disabilities.
  3. Graduates utilize assessment data to plan and deliver specially designed instruction for students with disabilities.
  4. Graduates develop Individual Education Programs (IEP), Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP), and individual Transition Plans (ITP) with educational team members to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  5. Graduates align instruction with general education curricula and/or preschool foundations in the Individual Education Program, Individual Family Service Plan, and/or Individual Transition Plan.
  6. Graduates integrate cultural and familial perspective into all aspects of instruction, including assessment and intervention.
  7. Graduates collaborate with general educators, parents, and relevant stakeholders.
  8. Graduates demonstrate knowledge about research-based practices related to individuals with disabilities, birth to 22 years.