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Register now for Comm./Sci./Eng./Edu./Ha. 157 (section 4):

Community Action/Community Service

(GE Area S: Self, Society, and Equality in the U.S.)


• Teach activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

   (STEM) in middle school, after school programs

  • Teach kids about:
    •   Computer Science
    •   Solar Energy
    •   Physics of Music

• Create innovative materials

• Examine issues related to STEM education

• Experience working with diverse cultural groups in our community


WEDNESDAYS, 3-5:45 PM, plus 4 hrs/wk service

Prerequisites: Satisfaction of WST – Completion of Core GE – Upper Division Standing


For more information, contact

Virginia Lehmkuhl-Dakhwe PhD

Duncan Hall (DH) Rm. 8
(408) 924-4809