Committee Members

Strategic Planning Steering Committee is comprised of members are determined by university policy (S16-3). Each member was asked why they wanted to be part of the planning process at SJSU.

Stefan Frazier - Co-Chair, Academic Senate
“I'm taking part in strategic planning because I want to give the students of San Jose State University the very best education they can receive. We owe it to them and to the people and the state of California to prepare them for their futures and the future of a peaceful, stable global community.”

Walt Jacobs - Co-Chair, Dean, College of Social Sciences

“San Jose State is full of folks with great ideas about how we can powerfully serve both internal and external communities. I’m excited about collaborating with others on a committee that will consider connections of these ideas and design pathways for making them happen.”

Sharon Willey - AVP for Enrollment Services

Francisco Castillo - Director, Jack Holland Student Success Center; Lucas College of Business
“I'm interested in serving on this committee to provide an inclusive approach to the planning process with a staff and student-centered perspective. My experience serving students and working with various units on campus would provide a breadth of insight as we work together to plan the future of San Jose Staté University.”

Marcia Daszko - Alumni Association Board
“I’m the representative from the Alumni Assn Board on the committee. I helped them with their Strategic Planning process 5+ years ago and we still use that Strategic Compass. Since this work is my profession, I’m hoping to contribute to the process and help accelerate the Committee’s work.”

Sandy Hirsh - Director, School of Information
“I look forward to engaging in strategic planning with the university community to help shape the vision of SJSU for the next decade, and in particular contributing my experience with online learning, graduate programs, and regular and special session programs.”

Nicole Mendoza - Curriculum, Catalog and Program Analyst; Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
“I look forward to taking part in the Strategic Planning Committee because I look forward to helping the university look to the future and develop goals that address WASC recommendations and meet the needs of our students, staff, faculty and surrounding communities. I hope to represent the staff voice in developing a plan for SJSU’s future.”

Gwendolyn Mok - Faculty, School of Music and Dance
"I am honored to serve on this committee and to support the joined vision of our university community in how best to prepare our 21st century student. I hope that I can offer my own perspective on the importance of the Arts and include this in our conversation."

Gary Radine - Lecturer, School of Management
“I hope to contribute to SJSU’s strategic planning by adding a different set of perspectives: as a CEO for 38 years, as a faculty member teaching strategic planning and an alumnus of SJSU. I hope my service will lead to an outcome-based plan to benefit all the university’s stakeholders.”

Noelle Brada-Williams - Interim Chair, English

Dan Moshavi - Dean, Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Committee Support

Melissa Anderson - University Advancement

Jaye Bailey - Office of the President
“Strategic planning is one of the most important activities we engage in as a campus and a community. It ensures we have a shared and energized vision for our future. I am so happy to be a part of the process that will guide that vision.”

Camille Johnson - Office of the Provost
“Every semester, my students write me an introductory letter. Their stories remind me that our mission as an institution of opportunity is profound, essential, and fundamental. Individual people help fulfill our mission through our acts small and large, poetic and bureaucratic. I serve because improving the institution helps individuals change students’ lives.”

Melanie Schlitzkus - Office of the Provost