The Division of Student Affairs is engaged in assessment efforts related to learning outcomes, student satisfaction, participation, and demographics. Many of our departments have identified specific learning outcomes for students who participate in their programs. These learning outcomes are tied to our six division learning goals. Departments have collected direct as well as indirect data pertaining to achievement of intended student learning outcomes. Methodologies include rubrics, quizzes, interviews, and surveys. Departments also assess the satisfaction level of students with specific services in order to ensure that student needs are being met by our programs and services. Assessment data is typically obtained through online and written surveys. Departments track the number of students participating in events as well as the types and number of events occurring. And many departments track demographics of students served to ensure we are reaching the diversity of our students. Several departments also participate in benchmark studies in order to compare their results with comparable institutions.

Included here are department reports which are submitted on an annual basis. Departments are asked to identify which learning outcomes were the focus of data collection as well as the type(s) of assessment methodologies utilized and the results. Departments also identify how the data was discussed within the department and what actions have been taken in response to the findings. Findings pertaining to student satisfaction are also included in the annual assessment report.

Division Assessment Reports

2012-2013 Reports

2011–2012 Reports

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2008–2009 Reports