Initiatives and Partnerships

Initiatives and Partnerships That Support SJSU

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to exploring, developing, and cultivating partnerships with members of the internal and external campus community. These partnerships have developed into initiatives that support our mission of advancing student learning for a lifetime, supporting students in achieving their full potential, and promoting an inclusive learning environment.

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Initiative

The AAPI Initiative seeks to boost college enrollment and graduation among Asian American and Pacific Islander students from underserved communities. For further information, contact Fernanda Perdomo A. Karp.

Advancing Latino/a Achievement and Success (ALAS)

Bringing together SJSU and the Santa Clara County Superintendents Association, ALAS is an educational alliance dedicated to nurturing a college-going culture among our Latino/a youth. For further information, contact Fernanda Perdomo A. Karp.

African American College Readiness Summit

 A conference for African American middle and high school students where they receive information about college preparation and admissions, careers, study strategies, financial aid, and scholarships. Students also experience campus life by touring the campus, connecting with college students and leaders, faculty and staff, and participating in campus activities. This conference is a partnership between the school districts, the university and several community organizations. The next high school student summit is scheduled for November 18, 2016. More details to come.

College Day

Supported by SJSU and other academic, governmental and community organizations in the area, College Day San José brings teachers, volunteers, and local dignitaries into regional schools to promote a college-going culture. For further information, contact Fernanda Perdomo A. Karp.

College Reading Program

Each year the Campus Reading Program forges connections among SJSU students, staff, and faculty by selecting a best-selling book for participants to read over the summer and then analyze in small discussion groups at the start of fall semester.

Day of Service

Annually, the students, staff and faculty of SJSU join in a Day of Service to enrich and enhance the area adjacent to campus through programs in schools, community centers and parks. For further information, contact Cathy Busalacchi.

Semana Educativa

During the first week of October, Univision holds its Semana Educativa, or Education Week. In conjunction with this event, San José State, Univision and College Board will organize a town-hall meeting, welcoming Latino families to campus to hear from a panel of experts from industry, the media, and education to answer questions their questions about higher education. For further information, contact Fernanda Perdomo A. Karp.

Solidarity Network

The Solidarity Network is an affiliation of the following campus organizations designed to enrich student life: MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center, Student Health Center Wellness & Health Promotion, A.S. Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center, LGBT Resource Center, and Women's Resource Center.

Student Success Learning Community

This initiative brings together members of the SJSU community to read and discuss articles that shed light on the shared goal of enhancing student success.

Super Sunday

Super Sunday is a CSU program to connect with and inform African American students and their families about what it takes to get into college. For further information, contact Art King.