Student Success Learning Community

Readings and Discussion about Shared Goals

The Student Success Learning Community sponsors a monthly meeting to discuss articles from a variety of academic and professional sources, focusing on the core goals of supporting student success and retention. These readings foster an appreciation of the importance of the wealth of knowledge and research which is available to help us aid students to persevere toward achievement of their academic goals.

Meetings generally start at noon on the first Wednesday of the month during the fall and spring semesters.

Date Room Facilitator Author Title
9/5/12 ADM 250 Letty Mayoral Robin Haskell McBee What It Means to Care: How Educators Conceptualize and Actualize Caring
5/3/12 CL 412 Fernanda P. Karp Amaury Nora et al. Validating Students: A Conceptualization and Overview of Its Impact on Student Experiences and Outcomes
      Laura I. Rendón Linares and Susana M. Muñoz Revisiting Validation Theory: Theoretical Foundations, Applications, and Extensions
      Nana Osei-Kofi Identity, Knowledge Production, and Validation Theory: A Narrative Inquiry
4/4/12 CL 412 Ryan Brusco Vincent Tinto Taking Student Retention Seriously: Rethinking the First Year of College
      Cathy Engstrom and Vincent Tinto Access without Support Is Not Opportunity
3/1/12 CL 412 Fernanda P. Karp Sylvia Hurtado et al. Quantitative Measures of Students' Sense of Validation: Advancing the Study of Diverse Abstract Learning Environments
2/2/12 ADM 167 Alicia Samis Susan B. Murray Final Student Report of the Campus Climate Focus Group Research Project, Fall 2011
12/1/11 ADM 167 Sharon Willey Robert D. Reason An Examination of Persistence Research through the Lens of a Comprehensive Conceptual Framework
11/3/11 ADM 167 Roseanne Oty Laurie A. Schreiner The "Thriving Quotient": A New Vision for Student Success
10/6/11 ADM 167 Laurie Morgan Laurie A. Schreiner et al. The Impact of Faculty and Staff on High-Risk College Student Persistence