Crisis Assessment and Intervention Team (CAIT)

About BCIT

The mission of the Behavioral and Crisis Intervention Team (BCIT) is to improve campus safety through a pro-active, thoughtful approach to situations that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the safety and well-being of the SJSU community.

Students, staff and faculty are usually the first to notice concerning behaviors of those in our campus community including students, faculty members, staff or SJSU visitors. Targeted violence is often preventable because the person of concern usually tells someone or several people ahead of time. They tell through verbal threats, written threats, physical threats, threatening behavior, videos, postings in social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook, etc. Sometimes the human tendency is to minimize those concerns. Please—do not ignore your uneasy feelings.

If you experience an immediate threat contact the University Police Department at 408.924.2222. If you see or experience a behavior that concerns you or you feel threatened contact BCIT at 408.924.6973.

Emergency Contact

If you experience an immediate threat contact the Campus Police at 408.924.2222.

Non-Emergency Contacts

If you see or experience a behavior that concerns you or you feel threatened, contact BCIT at 408.924-6973. Alternatively, you can contact any CAIT member:

  • Cathy Busalacchi, Committee Chair and AVP Campus Life, 408.924.6371
  • Peter DecenaChief UPD, 408.924.2185
  • Roger Elrod, Interim AVP for Student Affairs, 408.924.5900
  • Amy Guerra-Smith, BCIT Coordinator, 408.924.6336
  • Dennis JaehneAVP Undergraduate Studies, 408.924.2446
  • Natalie KingAAVP for Faculty Affairs, 408.924.2450
  • Julie Paisant, Manager of Equal Opportunity, Human Resources, 408.924.2250

If you feel more comfortable reporting anonymously, you can also contact or call 408.337.2919. This might be an opportunity to get help for a student or colleague who needs it.

What will BCIT do when you contact us? The BCIT member has an intake form that they will complete with you when you contact them. Based on your report, BCIT will verify, document, assess, intervene, and follow-up on the case. A BCIT member will notify the person who called in the report and respond to the caller's concerns.