Employee Development


The Student Affairs Employee Development Committee offers employees training and development through professional and personal growth opportunities. We promote leadership development, collaboration, technological proficiency, and health and wellness. In conjunction with the mission of SJSU and the Division of Student Affairs our goal is to cultivate professional and highly skilled staff and faculty to enrich the lives of students and promote student success.

Role of the Committee

The committee is charged with the following roles:

  • Plan, organize and coordinate Employee Development Day and other events, as assigned;
  • Provide knowledge and resources to facilitate best practices;
  • Create opportunities for cross-departmental collaborations;
  • Develop and maintain a staff recognition program.


Membership consists of employees from within the Division of Student Affairs. The committee reports to the VP for Student Affairs and is co-chaired by the Romando Nash, AVP Student Services, and Robb Drury, Sr Director Resource Management.

The 2017-18 Committee comprises of:

Marina Corrales, Matthew Stowe, Yolanda Fernandez, Doan Phan, Neelam Keshwani, Lisa Vlay, Jed Soliven, Catherine Voss-Plaxton, Leo Young, Kell Fujimoto, Roger Elrod, Teri Tanner, Alex Froehlich, Robb Drury and Romando Nash.

Ideas for the Committee?   Please contact:  Robb Drury at (408)924-6213