Professional Development


The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee exists to facilitate professional development among divisional staff members through a number of initiatives.  The committee's aim is to share information and increase communication; build a team within the division; create interaction; improve staff morale and retention; and provide personal and professional development experiences designed to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary for staff to become increasingly effective in their roles.

Role of the Committee

The committee is charged with the following roles:

  • Plan, organize and coordinate Professional Development Day and other events, as assigned;
  • Provide knowledge and resources to facilitate best practices;
  • Create opportunities for cross-departmental collaborations;
  • Develop and maintain a staff recognition program.


Membership consists of two employees from each sub-division within the Division of Student Affairs. The committee reports to the VP for Student Affairs and is chaired by the Vice President's designee.  The 2014-15 Committee comprises:

  • Demerris Brooks, Committee Chair, University Ombudsperson
  • Arcelia Guel, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Carolyn Guel, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Bob Just, University Housing
  • Susan Rockwell, Career Center
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Ideas for the Committee?   Please contact:  Demerris Brooks at (408) 924-6248

Professional Development Day 2014

Session Abstracts


Professional Development Grants

We are delighted to announce that Professional Development Grant Funds are available for Spring 2015!  The deadline to submit proposals is 5 pm on TBD.  Please see the application for more details (pdf or word versions).

Highlights from May 2013 Division-Wide Meeting

Professional Development Day Breakout Session Handouts (or Links) from March 8, 2013

Session 1:

Session 2: