Strategic Plan

Developing a Helping and Caring Culture

The Student Affairs Division is leading the goal of Helping and Caring within the university’s Vision 2017 strategic plan, and also has an important action role in all four other goals. The focus of the Helping and Caring goal is to assist the university in creating a institution-wide “Culture of Helping.”

Helping and Caring includes, but also extends far beyond, the notion of a “Culture of Service” or an operational emphasis on enhancing customer processes and satisfaction. This goal seeks to develop a mindset among everyone within the university—students, faculty, and staff—that every individual can make a contribution to a building “caring” environment and has the ability to be “helpful” in their interactions across the campus. Members of the SJSU community truly care about others and about the university as a whole, and we want to be helpful in our interactions and our activities on a continuous basis. Student Affairs is proud to be asked to lead the effort to enhance this cultural value across the university.