Frequently Asked Questions

Graduating StudentBelow is a list of Frequently Asked Questions obtained from information on a survey distributed to AB 540 student at San Jose State University.

Does the Bursar's office require that I show an identification to obtain information?

The only identification that the Bursar's office requires is the Tower Card (SJSU identification). If you don't have one yet, go directly to the Bursar's office and make sure to bring your ID number.

All members of the campus community are issued an SJSU Tower Card at no cost. If your Tower Card is lost, stolen or damaged, replacement cost is $5. Current members of U.S. Bank, or those wishing to become members of U.S. Bank, may select the Tower Card Maxx which also serves as a Visa debit card. For more information, visit the Tower Card website.

Will my application be affected if I submit a false Social Security Number?

Yes, it is important that you do not provide false information to the university administration. If you are eligible to apply under AB 540, it is preferable to submit your information as an AB 540 student.

Also, please note that providing false information or utilizing unauthorized public benefits, such as federal and state assistance while undocumented, can be deemed grounds for denial of Lawful Permanent Residency when the individual applies to adjust his immigration status.

Can I take time off as a student from SJSU without having to resubmit an application for admission?

Yes, unless you have been disqualified or dis-enrolled for non-payment of fees, you are permitted to take one semester off from school and be eligible to return without having to resubmit an admission application.

For more information call Bursar's office at (408) 924-1601. Download the Leave Request Form.

Is the affidavit confidential at San José State University?

Yes, the information provided on the affidavit will be kept confidentially. This information is protected by San José State University's admissions under the code S66-20 (Control of Information Contained in Students records). For more information, download S66-20.

How long can I remain a student at SJSU without being asked to dis-enroll by the school?

You can remain a student within the university as long as your tuition fees are paid, your GPA is above what is required, you maintain continuous enrollment, and you have not violated school policies.

Does it matter how far in the past a student graduated from high school to be eligible for the nonresident tuition exemption?

No, it does not matter how long ago the student graduated from a California High School or attained its equivalent.

Do all scholarships require a Social Security Number (SSN)?

No, not all scholarships require a SSN. Private scholarships are more likely not to require SSN. However, it is recommended to investigate scholarships that do require SSN and ask if an ITN # (Tax Id) can be used in its place.

Does San José State University provide payment plans to AB 540 students?

Yes, San Jose State University provides payment plans to all SJSU students including AB 540 students. The fee for the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) is $33.00 (non-refundable). Read more about the Installment Payment Plan.

Note: A student’s total charges will be divided into four installments. Also, it is important to be aware of the payment deadlines. Otherwise, a past due charge will create a financial hold until the payment is made.

Are AB 540 students eligible to receive services from the SJSU Health Center?

Yes, AB 540 students are eligible to receive services from the Student Health Center (Tel. 408-924-6120). Some of the services include acute conditions, injuries, and illnesses.

Can I be eligible to receive assistance from San José State University counselors?

Yes, as a student you are eligible to receive assistance from SJSU counselor. The Counseling Services Department (Tel. 408-924-5910) offers personal counseling, academic counseling, group counseling, psychiatric services, workshops, and more.