University Policies and Procedures

Graduating StudentCSU Campus Admissions Process

The admissions process procedures are the same for all students. However, AB 540 students are encouraged to apply for admission during the priority filing period (Oct. 1–Nov 30). In addition, AB 540 students are asked to follow these guidelines when completing the admission application:

  • The answer box requesting a Social Security Number should be left blank if the student does not possess a valid SSN from the Social Security Administration;
  • When asked about Residency, please select “Visa” and under other enter: “AB 540”;
  • Questions regarding residency should be answered according to the student's individual situation; and
  • In addition to the CSU application, an AB 540 student must contact the Office of the Registrar to submit a California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request Form otherwise known as an AB 540 Affidavit.

Students are also encouraged to consider the following upon applying for admission:

Course Requirements

Before applying, students should make sure they have completed the appropriate courses to be considered for admission.

  • Freshman: For a complete list of approved courses for all California high schools, follow the link for access to the three UC sites related to the A-G subject area requirements.
  • Transfers: Students from California colleges and universities should consult the SJSU Transfer Planning site for the latest transfer planning guides for SJSU majors, general education plans and course-to-course agreements. Please note that transfer students must declare a major at the time of application.

Make Student Outreach and Recruitment your first connection to SJSU

Log on and create your own VIP page for access to invitations to events and activities as well as Tours of the SJSU campus. In addition, you can contact the AB 540 Help Desk or SAHE to schedule a tour for AB 540 Students (please see directory for contact information)

Apply Online

The way to apply to SJSU is online through the CSU Mentor website. SJSU is impacted for undergraduate applicants and will close at the end of each application period. Late applications will not be accepted. All students are responsible for providing complete, accurate and timely information. If you allow a parent, guardian, family member or other person to fill out the application, you are still accountable and responsible for meeting all requests for information and associated deadlines.