Academic Success

Ready to Help You Succeed


Advisors are available to answer your General Education questions. Professional staff will explain policies and help you determine which classes to choose.

Registration Appointments

Find information on registration appointment date and time, registration calendar and registration's FAQ.

Registering for the Writing Skills Test

Find test dates and fees, as well as deadlines for registration and accommodations.

Educational Counseling

Whether you need help choosing a major, setting long term goals, improving your study skills or adjusting to being in a university environment, educational counselors are ready to assist.

Career Counseling and Professional Network

Career consultants will help you plan your career and market your skills.

Probation and Disqualification Counseling

Educational counselors can help students in academic difficulty with assessment, study skills, decision making, time management, and other problems that might have led to probationary or disqualified status.

Accessible Education Center (AEC)

The AEC provides high quality retention and academic support services for students with disabilities.

Places to Study

MLK Library

More than a collection of books, the library offers electronic resources, expert librarians, study rooms, quiet spaces and a café.

MOSAIC Quiet Study Space

With an atmosphere conducive to concentration, MOSAIC's quiet study space is available for individual students or groups.

Studying in the Student UnionStudent Union

The Student Union is located in the heart of campus. Drop by to relax, buy textbooks and supplies, listen to music, have a meeting, or grab a bite to eat.

Student Union Music Room

The Student Union Music room is a study and leisure area for students to socialize and relax. Students can check out more than 50 magazines and listen to over 1500 records and CDs ranging from rock to classical.