Entertainment, Arts and Culture


There are a numerous forms of entertainment both on the SJSU campus and and just a short distance away.

Box Office / Ticket Office

The Event Center Box Office provides tickets sales for on-campus events, as well as events throughout Northern California. The Box Office is located at the entrance to the Event Center.

Campus Sporting Activities

The Event Center Arena hosts San Jose State University Basketball and Volleyball.

Student Union Music Room

Creates an ideal environment for students to relax and socialize; with a collection of over 1800 CD's, tapes and records ranging from rock to rap to classic. The Music Room also offers over thirty popular magazines and provides chess and domino sets.

Improv Comedy Club

Situated approximately three blocks from the SJSU campus, the San José venue of the world-famous Improv chain offers a full slate of veteran and up-and-coming comics. The club also features restaurant food.

San José Center for the Performing Arts

The San José Center for the Performing Arts is housed in an imposing hall designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, located less than a mile from the SJSU campus. In addition to being the home of Broadway San José and Ballet San José, this local landmark stages a broad array of concerts, musicals and lectures.

Theatre on San Pedro Square

Occupying the second floor of a beautiful brick building less than a mile from campus, and accommodating audiences of up to 150 people, the Theatre on San Pedro Square is the home of the Tabard Theatre Company, which stages both theatrical productions and live jazz.

Arts and Culture

Looking for an art exhibit or a cultural experience? Close to SJSU, you will find excellent museums, art houses and special exhibits and collections.

Diversity and Multicultural Educational Programs

The MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center offers multicultural programs all year long, with the collaboration of various departments on campus.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library

From the website: “The primary goal of the Exhibit Program is to enrich the community and the SJSU campus by creating exhibits with broad appeal for a diverse and multigenerational audience while continuing to support the Library's primary mission, as a preeminent educational resource.”

San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA)

From the website: “Established in 1969, SJMA presents art ranging from modern masterpieces to recent works by young, emerging artists. The Museum’s permanent collection—1,400 varied artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries—has a special focus on West Coast art, seen in an national and international context.”

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

From the website: “The mission of the San José Museum of Quilts & Textiles is to promote the art, craft and history of quilts and textiles.” Founded in 1977, it is recognized as the oldest quilt museum in the United States.v

The Mexican Heritage Plaza (MHP)

Situated in Mayfair, historically a predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood, the Mexican Heritage Plaza occupies a site steeped in the history of the Farmworkers Movement led by César Chavez in the 1960s and is home to the School of Arts and Culture.

The Tech Museum

The Tech Museum of Innovation—or simply “The Tech”—proclaims itself the “spirit of the Silicon Valley.” From the website: “Our mission is to inspire the innovator in everyone…Our vision is that The Tech Museum, in partnership with others, will invigorate innovation and inspire learning locally, nationally and globally.”

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