Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a meeting with an advisor?

There are several places to go for advising depending on what information you are seeking. The Advising Hub provides information for General Education advising and planning. Each major department has advisors as well who can help you create your plan for your major and see if you are on track. See Advisor and Counselor Contact Information. Also consult How to Prepare for Your Advising Session for a checklist of items to prepare before your advising appointment.

Where can I purchase my textbooks? Where can I find which textbooks I need?

You can find your textbooks at the online Spartan Bookstore. Click on “Textbooks” and then enter in your classes and the section number to find out what course materials are required. This can also be done through your MySJSU account. Under “Academics” click “Class Schedule,” select the term, and then click “View/Order textbooks.”

Need help buying textbooks?

Some textbooks are offered for free as e-books through the library website. The Spartan Bookstore offers book rentals at affordable prices, and the A.S. Affordable Textbook Program provides students with a voucher for access to Rental Textbooks up to $60 maximum per eligible student per semester. Learn more about affordable learning solutions for students.

How many units should I take my first year?

For full-time students, 12 units is advisable. For your first semester, at most 15 units is suggested, in order to become familiar with the college course load. See Academic Planning.

Where can I go if I need extra help in a class or on an assignment?

Meet with your professor during office hours to ask questions and seek direction on an assignment. Office hours can be found on the class syllabus as well as the department website. Peer Connections and the Writing Center are both great resources as well, located in Clark Hall.

What technology resources are available to me to enhance my education?

The AS Print Shop is located by the bricks (near the Event Center). They offer access to computers to print documents, copiers, and other services. In addition to books, the Martin Luther King Jr. Library offers an online article database and the Student Computing Services Center, which provides access for printing, copy machines, laptop rentals and iPad rentals. In Clark Hall there is a computer lab known as the Stage (CL 102), and there is access to free wifi throughout campus. If you are looking to check out media equipment, Media Services in the Instructional Resource Center (located on the first floor of Dudley Moorhead Hall, near the Administration building) allows rentals of camcorders, projectors, tripods, speakers, microphones, and card readers, in addition to having an editing center and educational tapes for viewing.

Where can I find assistance with looking for a job?

How can I get more involved on campus?

Where can I get involved or find support with a community?

How can I find out what's going on around campus?

I am feeling overwhelmed by school and other aspects of my personal life. How can SJSU help?

Visit Counseling Services for a drop-in session or make an appointment.

How do online classes work? How time consuming is the actual course load?

Online classes operate through D2L. This is where all assignments, quizzes, and discussions take place. Assignments generally have a closing time of 11:59pm on their due date. Once the due date/time has passed, it becomes locked and can not be opened/resubmitted. Online classes tend to feel as they are moving fast because they do not meet on campus, and you have to pace yourself.

What should I do if I am not doing well/think I might fail a class?

Talk to your instructor as soon as possible to discuss how to improve your grade. Take advantage of resources on campus such as Peer Connections for tutoring and the Writing Center. Also talk with an advisor early if you need to Withdraw from or retake a class.

What online resources does SJSU require students to use?

There are a few online resources that students are required to use. MySJSU is where you go to enroll in classes, receive messages from SJSU, submit payments, view available classes, and submit SOTEs (Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness).

Desire2Learn (D2L) is a web supplement that many classes use to provide assignments, keep track of grades, and send messages to other students and the instructor. Online classes are done through D2L, including assignment submission and tests/quizzes.

Canvas is a new web supplement that several classes use to provide assignments, keep track of grades, and send messages to other students and the instructor. It is accessed through your SJSUOne account. SJSUOne is used to access the on campus wifi, Canvas, and several other student services.

Have questions about registration, retaking a class, or enrollment dates?

Registration FAQs

How do I go about double-majoring, or adding a minor?

Change of Major