We GENERATE a Community for College Success

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." - BB King


GENERATE: The First-Generation College Student Program is designed to support the success of first-generation college students at San Jose State University.  GENERATE began as a committee led by Educational Counselor Dr. Jennifer Morazes. The GENERATE Committee, made up of  students, staff, and faculty from various departments, meets on a monthly basis to discuss student concerns, resources and services to offer students, and plan events to foster a community for college success.  

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GENERATE seeks to foster connection, belongingness, skills and academic success for the  first-generation college students of San Jose State University. The majority of SJSU first-generation college students are students of color. 


GENERATE's purpose is to promote leadership, visibility, support, coordinated resource exchange, and college success for those who identify as First-Generation College Students at SJSU. We further hope to support teaching and relevant research, and aim to foster community collaboration toward this purpose comprised of students, staff, faculty, and community members.


We offer a workshop series each semester on topics such as time management, study skills, stress management, and talking with your family about college. Visit Life Skills—Workshops and Groups to find our workshops and group times. Pre-register at SJSU Events.

Student Group

A student group dedicated to promoting leadership, visibility, support, coordinated resource exchange, and college success for those who identify as first-generation college students meets each semester.

COME TOGETHER! Annual Family, Friends and First-Generation College Students Evening

COME TOGETHER is a yearly dinner event during Fall Welcome Week that is devoted to introducing students who are among the first in their family to attend college with San José State, and your family members and friends are especially invited! 

Peer Mentors

In partnership with Peer Connections, dedicated peer mentors provide support for first-generation college students, both in their transition to campus and for their ongoing success. Sign up for your own personal peer mentor.

Faculty Mentors

In partnership with Student Success Centers and interested faculty members, we are working to establish a network of first-generation faculty mentors to help inspire and support students.

GENERATE Committee

GENERATE is a cross-sectional committee comprised of staff members, faculty and students interested in supporting first-generation college students across campus.

Also, see the Counseling Services website.