“I RELATE!” Campaign

To GENERATE Support for College Success

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible’!” —Audrey Hepburn 

I Relate!


"I Relate" Campaign

With more than half of new Freshmen and Transfer students identifying as first-generation since Fall 2011, “I Relate” began as a campaign designed to inform prospective and current SJSU students about first-generation college student achievements at San José State. 

Current students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to share their experiences as a first-generation college student.  Each month, 2-3 of these profiles will be featured on the GENERATE website, social media accounts, and potentially additional SJSU materials. To participate in the campaign, please fill out this form.  


I Relate Network

As an expansion of the campaign, the I Relate Network was created to build a community of support for our first-generation college students. Consisting of staff, faculty, alumni, and community members/business owners that are or were first-generation college students, members of the network have multiple forms of participation they can choose from, such as contributing to the newly created First-Generation Scholarship Fund, being a mentor, or informing students of upcoming events. To join the network, please fill out this form



In Summer 2013, we created a video that profiles first-generation college students and alumni of San José State University, in order to inspire others on their road to a college degree and after-college success.  Check out the first video below!

We will show the newest "I Relate" video, "I Relate: Choosing a Major" during our Spring 2015 event.  More information will be available next semester. 


Check out our promotional video for the “I Relate” Campaign!

Check out the first "I Relate" video!