Current Students

Getting the Most out of Your SJSU Experience

Students at SJSU benefit from being in the cultural epicenter of the Silicon Valley. You get to explore your academic passions while interacting with a technologically advanced, artistic and rich culture. The links below lead to a collection of information designed to help you take full advantage of student life at SJSU.

Academic Success

Here you can find advice about everything from counseling and textbooks to professional networking.

Entertainment, Arts and Culture

We all need diversions, and the SJSU campus and the adjacent area offer many stimulating activities to provide a change of pace.


From a dip in the pool to exhilarating wilderness adventures, SJSU offers a wealth of possibilities for recreation.

Spartan Involvement

Become a Spartan. Being a success in life means getting involved outside of the classroom, and SJSU provides many opportunities to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences, allowing you to hone your leadership skills, while connecting with your peers.


Whether you are looking for a part time job or a career, there are various avenues to seek help in finding employment.

Health and Personal Wellness

SJSU regards student success in a holistic sense and takes seriously the need to nurture the physical and emotional well-being of members of the campus community. Discover what services are available to support you.

Veterans and Military Students

SJSU endeavors to provide a welcoming environment for veterans and military students. Whether you are looking for peer-support from a student organization or administrative assistance in navigating the maze of veteran benefits, there is something for you.


AB 540 Students

AB 540 is a law that exempts out-of-state students and undocumented students who meet certain requirements from paying non-resident tuition at California's public colleges and universities. Learn how this law can put educational success within reach for many SJSU students.