For Your Career After San José State

Career Center

Looking for an internship, part-time job, or a full-time career? Want to explore your career options and discover what you can do with specific majors? Need help with your resume or tips about how to interview effectively? Check out the Career Center. Start taking control of your future today.

Career Counseling (by appt)

Clarify your career goals and develop a plan to support your success by meeting with one of our consultants.

Drop-in Advisement (for career advice)

Need quick advice about your resume or curious about how the Career Center's services can help you? Try a drop-in session at the Career Center.

Job and Internship Fair

Network face-to-face with recruiters from a variety of companies and organizations each semester.

Job Listings (full-time, part-time, on and off campus)

Log on to SpartaJOBS, the exclusive job and internship bank for SJSU students, to access career opportunities.

Work at SJSU?

Enjoyed your college time at SJSU and want to work here? Check the Human Resources site for current postings.

While You Pursue Your Degree

Counseling Internships and Residency

Counseling Services offers clinical training internships and postdoctoral residency positions for graduate students in the fields of counseling, clinical psychology, or social work. (408) 924-5910.

Internship Opportunities

MOSAIC has internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. (408) 924-6255.

Associated Students Employment Board

A variety of positions are available in Associated Students Campus Recreation, from sports officials (no past experience required) to aerobics instructors.

Student Union Employment Board

Student Union employment board displays current jobs available in the Student Union, Event Center, and Aquatic Center.

Work at SJSU?

Students working at SJSU will find valuable information in the student area of the Human Resources website.