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SJSU offers a number of resources and services on campus to help you deal with situations and issues outside of the classroom that may take away from your academic success. Some of those services include mentoringcounselinghealth and wellness, and public safety assistance. We also offer a coordinated response to students, matriculated in regular sessions programs who are experience an unforeseen economic crisis which is impacting their ability to be a successful student.


Economic or Financial Assistance

If you're an SJSU student who is experiencing an unforeseen economic crisis, SJSU may be able to help identify and connect you to resources.

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Emergency Assistance
Have you had an unexpected emergency, such as a fire, flood, identity theft or burglary?

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Food Assistance
Are you skipping meals as a result of not having enough money?

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Housing Assistance
Are you without housing or in serious risk of losing your housing?

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Medical Assistance
Are you lacking access to appropriate health care resources or health insurance?


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