Spartan Involvement

Getting involved outside of the classroom is the key to your success. Involvement opportunities help to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences, help you to hone your leadership skills, as well as connect you with your peers.

Cultural and Social Justice Centers

SJSU provides students with a varied choice of centers that cater to their needs.

César E. Chávez Community Action Center

Established by Associated Students in July 2005, the César E. Chávez Community Action Center (CCCAC) connects SJSU students with community service opportunities that deepen the educational experience while promoting the lifelong commitment to civic activism at the heart of the Cesar Chavez legacy.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center

These are some of the things that the LGBT Resource center helps students with: leadership development, community advocacy and service, a peer mentor program, student identity development, education on current issues, and support groups.

MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center

provides a safe and welcoming environment which honors and celebrates diversity. MOSAIC offers support, advocacy for historically under-represented groups, leadership opportunities, and intentional programming that focus on critical thought, social justice, and cultural empowerment for the SJSU community.

Women's Resource Center (WRC)

is a multi-cultural group dedicated to the promotion of women's issues and social change. The WRC is committed to working together for peace and social justice and to empower women to work towards this purpose.

Leadership and Student Success

varies from student to student. Student Involvement serves as the hub of leadership and student success support on campus. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can connect you with folks that do.

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

vary from cultural and religious, to club sports; academic and honorary, to special interest; and finally fraternities and sororities. SJSU has nearly 400 recognized groups on campus, so you're bound to find one that interests you.

Club Sports

The Club Sports Program at San Jose State University provides an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to shape their own recreational experience through competitive/instructional sports teams. This program will enhance the collegiate experience by developing skills and knowledge of a particular sport, building character and leadership for future pursuits, and discovering lasting friendships and a lifetime appreciation for physical activity.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

is rooted in the ideals of family, academics, service and leadership development. These organizations contribute to the growth and development of their members and make important contributions to the campus and community.

Student Government

and activism is routed with Associated Students, the representative student body organization that provides valuable resources and services on campus. A.S. represents the students of San José State University, and provides valuable leadership, fiscal, and management experience.

Resources for Student Organizations

MOSAIC Affiliate Program

Student organizations with a focus on addressing cultural, ethnic or racial issues and promoting diversity and inclusion can join the MOSAIC Affiliate program. Affiliates receive many benefits such as storage space, funding opportunities, and computer access in addition to MOSAIC's support with advising, event planning and more.

Official Recognition (and re-recognition)

Officially recognized student organizations receive many benefits, including participation in Student Organization Fairs and the Student Organizations Leadership Conference, organization development and advising by Student Involvement staff, and are eligible to request funding from Associated Students.

Special Events Coordination

Having a dance or other function on campus? The Student Union Event Services Office can help coordinate your events. Schedule rooms and tables for on campus events, including group functions, meetings, and seminars. Event Services also provides sound, lighting, and audio-visual services for non-academic events in the Student Union and around the campus. The services are open to recognized student organizations and the wider university community.

A.S. General Service Center

offers specialized accounts to recognized student organizations. Benefits include check writing, bookkeeping, purchase orders, coordination of ticket sales, cash boxes and more.

Tower Foundation

is available for opening accounts where the organization is interested in using the University's tax ID and other benefits of maintaining accounts with the University.