Vice President for Student Affairs Office: Vol 2; Issue 2

Office of Spartan Parent & Family Programs

The newly created Office of Spartan Parent & Family Programs welcomes Kim Lamke Calderon, who joined the division of Student Affairs as its new director. This office will be working to regularly communicate and connect with parents and other family members to help them feel a part of the Spartan family as their students join our campus community.

Kim, an SJSU alumna, is coming to San José State from San Diego State University where she was in charge of communication for the Division of Student Affairs, including all communication and outreach for the parent program -- communication that included a parent magazine and all of the materials for orientation and a family weekend.

She is looking forward to collaborating with all of the departments within Student Affairs, as well as academic departments and University Advancement to better engage parents throughout their students' careers at SJSU. Studies show a properly engaged student support system, including parents, spouses, partners and extended family members, positively impacts student success in a post-secondary educational environment.


Coffee with a professor logo

Campus and Community Relations Office

Coffee with a Professor: There are still plenty of $12 “VIP Gold Cards” for you to take your professors and/or teaching associates to coffee and have an informal, out-of-the class conversation. There you can ask and get advice on academic or career options, learn about your professor’s projects and research, expand conversations from class, get suggestions for a class project, etc. For information go to

We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity and connect with your professors and TAs - they are waiting to hear from you!


Supporting our Students: Economic Crisis Response Team

SJSU matriculated students, who are experiencing an unanticipated economic emergency, can now receive support from the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT). The purpose of the ECRT is to provide a coordinated response to SJSU students experiencing an unforeseen economic crisis which is impacting their ability to be a successful student. The ECRT is comprised of campus and community representatives who bring their expertise and resources together in order to assist students in economic crisis. The program is being piloted during the spring semester and will be fully deployed in Fall 2016. More information is available at or students can send an email to