Student Services

Military and Veteran Student Services Office

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) received a generous donation of $10,000 from the Association of Silicon Valley Brokers. This association hosted a charity golf tournament last month and all proceeds went towards the VRC to support our student veterans. The VRC is very honored and grateful for this donation!

Veterans Day Celebration: On Nov. 9, the VRC hosted a Veterans Day celebration to honor and celebrate our student veterans with a BBQ at the AS BBQ lawn area. SJSU students also had the opportunity to engage and learn from our veterans.


Student Health Center/Wellness and Health Promotion

Flu Shots Available: Flu season is here. Reduce your risk of getting sick with the flu by getting a flu vaccine at the Student Health Center for only $9. Available by appointment or during your visit with a provider. Call 408-924-6122 to schedule an appointment.

How Do I Access Services at the Student Health Center?: Enrolled students can follow the steps below in order to access services provided by the Student Health Center:

  1. Visit the Student Health Center website at to learn about available services
  2. Complete the online patient registration forms
  3. Schedule an appointment by calling 408-924-6122, visiting the reception desk inside the Student Wellness Center, or logging-in to Online Services at the Student Health Center website for additional appointment options
  4. Bring a photo I.D. to every visit

Food Resources for SJSU Students: Wellness & Health Promotion is pleased to support three on-campus food resources: Freshest Cargo, Just in Time, and CalFresh Sign-Ups. All three of the resources provide food assistance to students who qualify. Visit for more information.

Light Therapy: Light Therapy is now available in the Student Wellness Center. It has been shown to help fight symptoms of fatigue, depression, seasonal affective disorder, and sleep disorders. Come learn more about light therapy at the Wellness Lounge or call 408-924-6204 to make an appointment.

Stress-Less (Biofeedback) Tech Lab: Who thought playing computer games could help reduce stress? Come to the Wellness Lounge to learn how specially designed computer games may help to regulate your breathing and lower your stress level. The Stress Less (Biofeedback) Tech Lab is available on a drop-in basis on Wednesdays from 10:30a.m. - 11:30am at the Student Wellness Center, Room 101B. No appointment needed.

Request a Presentation: Wellness and Health Promotion has over 50 trained Peer Health Educators available to deliver workshops on topics such as sexual wellness, violence prevention, alcohol and drugs, rest and relaxation, nutrition, and body image. Click on "Wellness and Health Promotion Workshop Request Form" if you would like a presentation delivered in your class or student organization.