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How to help your Student through the student conduct process

Before your son/daughter arrives on campus:

  • Have an open discussion with your student about the process of making good decisions, taking responsibility for their actions, and responding to peer pressure.
  • Be open to discussing difficult topics such as substance abuse, intimate relationships, and other risky behavior.

When your son/daughter have been accused of violating the Student Conduct Code:

  • Speak with your student regarding the situation. Make sure that you listen carefully and critically.
  • Make sure your student knows the student conduct process. Your student should review the Student Conduct Code and the student conduct process.
  • Discuss with your student your expectations for their behavior at University.
  • Brainstorm with your student appropriate resources for help and support (e.g., alcohol education, personal counseling, etc).
  • Brainstorm with your student ways to move on from the decision they had made.
  • Be firm in your approach but always keep the lines of communication open.

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