• Oral Reprimand
    An oral warning from a conduct officer.
  • Written Reprimand
    A warning from a conduct officer in a letter format.
  • Disciplinary Probation
    Administrative probation given during a specific time period. During this time period the student must adhere to the Student Conduct Code. Students are still allowed to attend all classes and activities of their choice on campus. Special conditions may apply.
  • Suspension
    During a specific time period the student is ineligible to attend San José State University, after which the student is eligible to return. Special conditions for readmission may apply.
  • Expulsion
    Permanent separation of the student from student status from the campus. All the units acquired up until the time of suspension remains with the university. The units are non-transferable.

Other Possible Sanctions

  • Interim Suspension
    Pending determination of alleged violations the student can be subjected to exclusion from classes or from specified activities or areas of campus
  • Restitution
    Reimbursement, either monetary or by service(s) for damages to or misappropriation of university property or property belonging to a member of the campus community
  • Commnity Service
  • Drug and or Alcohol Assessment
  • Reflective Papers
  • Referral to Counseling
  • Letters of Apology