Alcohol Class

Alcohol Class

To complete yous alcohol class sanction, please join a class this semester by calling the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development, (408) 924-5985.

If you are a more than 15 minutes late for the class or leave early you will not be given credit for the class.

The Alcohol Class is collaborative effort between the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development, Counseling Services and the Student Health Center to educate students who have violated the alcohol policy. The class is dedicated to encouraging to students be thoughtful in regards to making healthy decision-making in their use of alcohol and other drugs. This class is interactive and provides the students with current information and challenges them to examine beliefs and expectations about substances in their lives.

The facilitators set up an envrionment that is supportive, respective, safe and confidential and encourages personal responsibility in choices involving alcohol and other drugs.


Students will have a greater knowledge of how to drink safely if they choose to drink.


By the end of this presentation, participants will:

  1. Explain why alcohol affects women differently than men.
  2. Be able to describe what one standard drink is.
  3. Be able to list at least one sign of alcohol poisoning.
  4. Be able to list at least two personal protective strategies

E-CheckUpToGo Sanctions:

Please carefully follow the instructions on these pages to ensure you receive credit for your participation.

To complete your ALCOHOL e-CheckUpToGo Sanction, click here.

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