Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff

The Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development works in partnership with faculty and staff across various departments at San José State University. We take reports of violations of the Academic Integrity Policy and the Student Conduct Code. Once an alleged violation is reported to our office, we will initiate the student conduct process (per Executive Order 1073), which educates students on their academic, civic, ethical, individual, and social rights and responsibilities. Our services encourage academic integrity, accountability for one’s actions, respect for one’s community, and personal development.

Disruptive Behavior

Faculty and staff concerns regarding disruptive behavior can often be mitigated by having a conversation with the student. For guidance dealing with disruptive behavior, please see "Students with Disruptive Behavior: A Guide for SJSU Faculty & Staff." If you are not clear whether the disruptive behavior is a violation of the student conduct code or whether you should report the behavior, we are available for consultation and can be reached by email studentconduct@sjsu.edu or by phone 408-924-5985.


Student Conduct and Ethical Development is also available to talk with faculty and staff about services we provide and strategies to reduce violations of the Academic Integrity Policy and the Student Conduct Code.  To request a presentation for your department or class, please contact us by email studentconduct@sjsu.edu or by phone 408-924-5985.