Reporting Violations

AIP Violation Flow Chart for Faculty

Academic Integrity Violation Reporting Process

  • Instructor suspects a student has violated the academic integrity policy.

  • Keep the original copy of the assignment/paper/exam, if the student asks for his/her work back, provide them with a duplicate copy.

  • Do not assign a grade or grade penalty to the assignment until you have met with student and you have determined whether or not the student is going to accept responsibility for the violation.

  • Inform the student that you have concerns with the assignment and you would like to discuss it. If more than one student is involved, meet with each student individually. Ask each student to bring a copy of their work and their reference materials to the meeting.

  • If you have identified the sources yourself, have them available for reference during the meeting.

  • From this meeting the instructor should get a sense of how the student constructed the assignment or that he/she did violate the academic integrity policy.

  • If the student admits to violating the academic integrity policy, the instructor may then assign a grade penalty. If the student denies violating the policy but the instructor is convinced otherwise and has the documentation to prove otherwise, the instructor has the following options:
      1. Lowering the grade for the assignment/test/quiz
      2. Giving a F grade for the assignment/test/quiz
      3. Lowering the students overall grade
      4. Failing the student for the class

  • Fill out the online reporting form for violations to the Academic Integrity Policy and attach all documentation.

  • Send the “reporting form” to the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development via email,

  • When referring a case to the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development, faculty are reminded that the burden of proof is on the faculty member to demonstrate that the violation has occurred.

Reporting Outcomes

Faculty will receive an email stating that the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development has received the report. We will notify faculty of the outcome by email.