An official written notice of misconduct.

Disciplinary Probation

Administrative probation given during a specific time period. During this time period the student organization must adhere to the student organization code of conduct. Special conditions may apply.


A temporary removal of university recognition. While under restriction, the organization may continue to occupy or hold property, but may not seek or add members, hold or sponsor events in the university community, or sponsor, or attend any events which are social in nature.


Permanent removal of the university recognition for an organization.

Other Possible Sanctions

  • Exclusion from intramural competition
  • Reimbursement for expenses incurred by individuals or the University as a result of providing education programs or other educational experience related to the violation(s).
  • Denied use of University facilities for meetings or activities.
  • Rushing or recruiting suspension
  • Loss of social privileges. The organization may not sponsor any activity, party or function which is social in nature during established time parameter(s).
  • Community service