Student Organization Conduct Process

Student Organization Informal Hearing

The student organization code of conduct was established to ensure that student organization's officers understand and accept responsibility for the actions of their members and guests.

  • The Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development receives a report of a student organizations alleged misconduct.
  • The Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development conducts an investigation and, if warranted, the office will send the president of the organization a come-in letter.
  • The conduct affairs officer meets with the president of the organization to discuss the allegations, to inform the president about the student organization conduct process and their rights and responsibilities.
  • At the conclusion of the informal hearing the president will be issued a sanction. It is the president right to accept or reject the sanction.
  • If the president believes that their due process rights have been violated or the informal sanction offer was too excessive, he/she may submit a written request with five days of the informal hearing, to have the case reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • The president of the organization will be notified of the university's final decision within ten working days.

Student Organization Conduct Process [PDF]